Friday, July 31, 2009

Das EFX - "Baknaffek"

Das EFX's second album, Straight Up Sewaside, was a decent, if disappointing follow up to their debut, Dead Serious, which really revolutionized rap for about 3-4 years with the "biggidy-diggidy" style they perfected. That style was later used by many other rap artists, from Bone Thugs & Harmony to Ice Cube.

This song, however, is a standout. You can tell that from the first verse that they are attempting to be a bit more straightforward, and less off-the-wall. And they have moved their locale out of the sewer into the subways. (I may have to do a post at some point about all the videos that take place in the subways.)

I am very skeptical when using black and white in a rap video, because it has been done many times, and mostly superfluously. EPMD's "Crossover" did NOT need to be in black and white. Neither did Ice Cube's "Be True to the Game." There was no reason other than just directorial masturbation. But here it works and works to great effect. B&W is perfect for the underground setting, then turns to a drab color when they come up from the underground. There is also something cool about the way they are initially rapping to each other in the beginning, as if having a conversation, only to turn to the camera for the final two verses. Great, underrated song and video.

Shippity bop, well hot diggity, where's the iggity? The bum siggity
N****s wanna know but check the flow my little chickadee
I'm comin with the Books so kid, it looks like it's a winner
Ya better get'cha plate because I'm servin raps for dinner
See I freak it from the sewer plus I'm quick to do ya posse
I'm swoopin on the note just like I was a kamikaze
See they thought I lost my spot so they went and got real comfy
So now I gotta hit me hard and bogart like Humphrey
Ya hypocrite, I'm rippin it because I'm flyer
Ya phony, full of bologne like Oscar Meyer
See I attack a pack of rappers just for practice
I bust my tactics, I'm sharper than a f**kin' axe is
(Set it off!) One two (Set it off!)

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