Thursday, July 23, 2009

Funkmaster Flex feat. 9 Double M - "Six Million Ways to Die"

Before he dropped the unheralded mini-classic Nine Lives in 1995, Nine went by the name of "9 Double M." And on this forgotten 1993 underground jam, he dropped a pretty hot freestyle/battle verse on this track, with the then-little known Funkmaster Flex.

The song uses a familiar instrumental: it's basically the same instrumental as "Punks Jump Up to Get Beat Down" (the original version), only with more hyped up drums and more amped up feel all around. It was memorable not because of the lyrics -- which are solid but don't quite stand the test of time -- but because of the ingenius chorus: "six million ways to die, choose one." It was released on the dearly defunct Wreck Records label. An alternate version also exists with Tragedy/Intelligent Hoodlum dropping a verse in the middle; that version is lyrically superior but did not have a vide.

The video follows the rules of the time: jumpy camera movements, no more than 2.3 seconds on any one thing, a chain link fence, a thugged-out MC with a vest. What might not fly in 2009 is the collage of guns, knives and Chinese throwing stars.

"A" is for action, "B" is for burnin'
"C" I'm catchin' bodies like Erick gives a Sermon
And I'm waitin' for a sucker to get fly
I been around hip hop, and I-I-I-I...
Know how to catch wreck as a car lot
And the schoolyard, I get crazy like a retard
I'm like Houdini in a straitjacket, brother I get loose
Boo yaa kah Boo yaa kah, let me tell ya somethin'
I get wicked like a Luther Vandross wedding singahh
Supahmaaan, Um uh, fly high
Uh way up in uh the sky
Oh whatever, never step to 9DoubleM the gat
With the ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-chit chat
I'm just chillin', that's word to Chuck
Just till I get busy and come back with a HUH-HAW


One of the best tracks that Nine ever put out was not on his albums, but was a dark, brooding single called "Famaldahyde." You can listen to it below (no video attached).

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