Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Prefuse 73 & Edan Live

This show apparently took place in Brooklyn in May of 2006.

If you aren't familiar with Edan, he is one of the sickest underground artists right now. Not only are his songs filled with bizarre -- sometimes absurd -- hip hop references, but he can flow like you wouldn't believe. Plus, he raps AND DJ's at the same time, with one hand on the mic and the other hand doing the cuts. Sure he looks like John Lennon circa 1962, but the kid is nice. The echo pedal on the lyrics is just typical of the kind of stuff you can expect from Edan.

Prefuse 73 is no slouch either, though he plays the background on this particular video. The sound in the last minute or so of the video is typical of what you can expect from Prefuse, if you aren't familiar.

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