Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Xzibit feat. Ras Kass & Saafir - "Plastic Surgery"

The best song of many good songs on Xzibit's 1996 sleeper hit At the Speed of Life is what we used to call a "posse-cut." This one features two of the best lyricists of the day: Ras Kass and Saafir. Although neither of these two has put out a good album in their entire careers.

But for the purposes of this song, their punch-ups were just what the doctor ordered. (Pun intended!)

I'm like Dougie Howser MD with a desert eagle
Criminal Genius
Operation Seperatin' them siamese twins hangin' beneath a nigga's penis
Take it to your face like a skin graft
Rappers, I specialize in talent transplants
You want fat lips? Nurse get the colagen
And ten tons of stomach pumps
From all the c*m you and Richard Gere be swallowin'
Now followin' aks Vanna to buy you vowels
So you can C, I, A, E-Swift, O
U know Y
We remain uncontested to the contender,
We can Million Man March all the way to December
January, Feburary 28th

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