Saturday, July 25, 2009

Spice 1 - "In My Neighborhood"

Since YouTube removed this video, I had to go to their competitor, Daily Motion. Seems like they do a nice job, but this is the first time I've used them so forgive me if there is a glitch.

This song is a bit on the negative side, I suppose, but it's catchy, using a very funky sample and a nice flow. (The rest of this album sucked in my opinion, but that's neither here nor there.) In some ways it's a little positive, just "putting a mirror up to society" [yawn] and showing the "realities of the ghetto." [Zzzzzz]

But the song is very funky, and I even like the "INNN MYYYY NEIGGHHHHH-BOR-HOOOOOD" sung chorus. Spice-1 never really was one of my favorites, but this song was.

Welcome to the ghetto, although I call it my neighborhood
Some people get out, but some people stay for good
I see a dopefiend yellin he's a O.G.
He scratched his head and started starin like he knows me
I say, "What up, old man, I seen your face before"
It was my homie's pops, shirt dirty, pants tore
He had a 40 in his hand, left a little swallow
He said, "Young-ass ni***a," and then he threw the bottle
I ducked down, and I had to duck real fast
Stepped two feet back, and then I banked his 4ss
I started kickin and stompin my n***a's brains out
I heard a b***h yell "freeze!" and runnin out the house
It was his wife, and the b***h started bustin at me
I can't believe this s**t, this b***h is trigger-happy

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