Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mic Geronimo - "It's Real"

This is one of the smoother East Coast rap songs to come out in 1995, Mic Geronimo was one of those guys who put out a hot single, and everyone anticipated the album, but the album was average at best. (For the record, the album, The Natural, is not a bad album, and has some good tracks like "Men vs. Many" and "Master I.C." but was disappointing overall.)

This is just a great song to ride in your car to, which is rather inconvenient since you are looking at it on your computer. And those who did not buy rap tapes back in the day might not know that the real title is "S**t's Real." And he also looks a bit like Tek Money from The Real World.

Another day of steppin through the belly of the beast
I leave the compound and make my way to my stomping grounds
I'm just about broke to the letter
It can't get any worse, it could only get better
I burn a lamp I wanna waste lines, Geronimo'll be fine
Brothers come up back in un-divine
So now I unwind and keep my focus on my schedule
It's critical for me to run a scan of my plan
I keep steppin', and on the DL, I be well
It's the gospel, chicks'll get a call when it's possible
I make a redbone a dead bone, after the bed bone
I leave the ***** sewn from my tone.

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E.J. said...

Man, this song was in a set a mixtapes I made to get through the six hour train ride from home to Le Moyne. I even remember the next song after "It's Real"; "Constant Elevation" by The Gravediggaz