Sunday, August 09, 2009

Gravediggaz - "Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide"

This video isn't quite as scary as I remember it when I first saw it back in 1994, but it's pretty cool. And after I saw it I ran to Camelot records and bought the album.

The Gravediggaz were not the first, but probably the most successful, to be part of the short-lived "horrorcore" scene. The reason they were good is because they had a relatively light touch and put as much satire into the music as they did death-stuff. It was kind of a hip hop expansion team, with The RZA (from Wu-Tang Clan), Prince Paul and Frukwan (from Stetsasonic) and Too Poetic. An impressive lineup until Too Poetic died (seriously, he did).

Let's get it on ock, and watch the spot get blown
I be the sick lunatic with the devilish poem
From the mists of the darkness I come with this
Hittin straight, to the chest, like a Primatene mist
Ryzarector, YAH, the fanatical type
I'm like a bat, in the night, when it's time to take flight
Here I am, in the flesh, and yes I love sess
I'm obsessed, by the sounds, the track posess

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