Thursday, August 06, 2009

Lord Finesse - "Strictly For the Ladies"

Good sweet Allah how I love Lord Finesse. For the uninitiated, you may recognize his voice from "Check it out nowwww, the funk soul brotha." But Finesse is the man. Despite his incredibly formulaic rap style, his lyrics are awesome, with a combination of swagger and punchlines.

There are so many great elements to this video. First, the song is hot. It's basically not a love song at all, because he essentially just tells this girl he doesn't want anything to do with her after he very clearly boned her the night before. There is the great Big Daddy Kane "Now girls step up ta this" sample, which is so classic. There is the girl who says things like "Oh it's like that now" and "But last night you was kissin' and huggin' me!" but with a look on her face like she has just been given valium.

Oh, and the piece de resistance: an 18 year old Fat Joe swaying back and forth throughout the video.

Now I give a girl more than she’s asking for
I take them 18 and up, and that’s for sure
So when you’re done or you’re bored with your stupid zero
Contact me and I’ll save you like a super hero
Please your needs and get all close to you
And do you right like a man is supposed to do
Knock your boots until I begin to sprout
Give you something to brag to your friends about
After a date I’m the type to get pissed
When y’all girls want to front on a kiss
I let ’em know I’m not slow or work late
Y’all front the role (I don’t kiss on the first date)
Baby please, don’t give me that feedback
Straight up and down, you expect me to believe that?
I’ll take a kiss or a peck with a tight hug
I’m not the type to go out like a lightbulb
Or get crazy or go insane or get fed up
I’ll get smooth and f**k your whole head up

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