Wednesday, August 05, 2009

King Sun - "Be Black"

Okay, here's how I like 'em. Nice and obscure. Maybe King Sun was a little too African for his own good at times, but this song is hot in a very 1990 kind of way.

The point is that King Sun is sick of people who claim to have African pride but then only use it to be fashionable. But at the same time, his obsession with what people are wearing rivals Mr. Blackwell. And while I understand his need to "be black," is it really necessary to dress yourself in full sheik garb. There may have been a veiled reference to the A.F.R.O.S. as well, and if you remember them you know more about rap than you probably should.

Now everybody's wearin the red black and green
Here's the point: do you know what it means?
Red for the bloodshed, black for the people
Green for the land to be utilized equal
"Yo I'm from Africa" boy you're just a faker
Name one city "Uhh, Jamaica!"
WRONG... and I think that's a shame
An African look with an American name
You might fool others but you can't fool Sun
Wanna build with the brother, then I am the one
Play connect the dots, all the way to the motherland
What have you done for your nation my brotherman
You can't even do the right things for self
Then you got the nerve to criticize somebody else
If it wasn't for Chuck you wouldn't know of Farrakhan
I understand that the man is a paragon
Open up your eyes and ears and try to learn
Stop perpetratin with your false concern
Even some rappers, frontin in their videos
Nothing but Oreos, tryin to be memorial
I'm not impressed, by the way some stars
perpetrate to be original, you know who you are
I diss my people who choose to lack
Cause there's more to learn on how to be black

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MJG196 said...

Yeah! I used to have this tape. All of these Afrocentric rappers were pretty much full of it. Probably the best example I can think of was the X-Clan, although they had some of the best music in the genre.