Monday, August 10, 2009

Kam - "Peace Treaty"

This song comes from that brief moment in about 1992-92 where East Coast and West Coast hip hop sounded very very similar. Kam, in my opinion, was one of the better rappers from the Left Coast from this era, and his album, Neva Again, is outstanding.

This song is about the short-lived peace treaty between L.A. gangs around that time. There was a gang truce after the Rodney King/L.A. Riots. Even though it is anti-caucazoid, it is a very positive song, showing Kam's innocence and/or naivete. The video is in that standard black and white strobe style. And I have to mention that in the color scenes I see a lot of blue and not much red. Could it be that Kam couldn't actually get any Bloods to show up to Crip-town? I wouldn't blame them honestly.

Lookin at the aftermath of the riot
I can still smell the ashes
From all the clashes
But quiet is kept, it wasn't just the blacks
Everybody was lootin, and had each other's backs
We came through in understandin, demandin
Justice, bust this, we all had our hand in
The cookie jar, took it far enough to make a statement
Daryl Gates - that's where all the hate went
We pass by a swap meet
Been shoppin at for years, but it couldn't stop heat
See ya, wouldn't wanna be your next door neighbor
Less government relief checks, more labor
10 percent blood suckers of the poor took a loss
For exploitation, had to show em who was boss
Teach em not to be so greedy
Had to shut em down, bound by a peace treaty

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