Monday, August 03, 2009

Smoothe da Hustler - "Broken Language"

I first heard this song in 1995 on college radio and was blown away by it. The beat sounds like something Mobb Deep would create, and the lyrics (after Trigga the Gambler's tepid first verse) are amazing, describing a sort of superhero or uber-badass. For months we had no idea who performed the song or what it was called, so we just called it "The Who?" since nearly every line in the song is "The _________."

Footnote: this is one of the most overhyped, underperforming, disappointing albums of 1996 or almost any year. People really thought that Smoothe da Hustler was going to become the next elite gangster rapper, but this album was so mediocre that there was just no way to look past it. Classic case of setting the bar way too high.

...The money stasher, gun blastin razor slasher
The human asthma breath taker
Body dump waster
The glock cocker, block locker the rock chopper,
The shot popper, the jock cock glocker
The face splitter, human disgrace getter
The lady sh**ter, phone joneser
sneak over f**k your babysitter
The chronic smokin, gun totin hearse initiator
The crack supplier, the human drug generator
The honey gamer, the chicken tricker
The slick the long d**k p***y sticker
The ready to bust that 4ss kicker
The track manoeuvre, the box barrier
The off of the dome rapper
The c-74 ox carrier....

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