Monday, August 03, 2009

The Pharcyde - "Ya Mama"

I think this song is freakin' hilarious. You can keep your Biz Markie or your Fresh Prince or your Coolioolio. I think The Pharcyde was one of the most fun groups of the decade, and their debut album Bizarre Ride II tha Pharcyde is one of my favorite albums of 1993.

This song exemplifies everything that was great about the Pharcyde. Funky, whimsical production and clever lyrics. "Ya Mama" is basically an entire song full of jokes about your moms. And unlike that crappy "Yo Momma" show on MTV, most of the jokes are actually funny. Although can someone tell me why Fatlip is listed as "Derrick" in the video? Why were so many rappers named Derrick and then changed it? (Yeah, I'm talking to you Sadat X!)

Seriously, how this song never became a hit is a mystery to me. It really should be one of those songs that when it comes on at a club the whole place goes crazy and raps along with all the words. But noooo .... people would rather hear Sean Paul. Wow I sound bitter. Just enjoy.

Ya mama look like she's been in the dryer with some rocks
With the big bust nose sucking dirt out of socks
Held up the ice cream truck with a slingshot
She grabbed a bag of Cheese Corn and a soda pop
Ya mama root'n'toot and stole my loot and my zoot suit
She may have the muscles, but no, she's not cute
She's not pretty, oh what a pity, got the glass titty
Filled up with Kool-aid, just for the kiddies
On a cliff butt naked, tootin' on a flute
Ridin on a horse drinkin whisky out a boot
She's got the teeth and the wings of an African bat
Her middle name is Mudbone and on top of all that

Ya mama got the wooden legs with real feet
(Ya mama got the wooden legs with real feet)
Ya mama got the wooden legs with real feet
Ya mama, ya mama, ya mama...

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Anthony said...

Ya Mama's an extra on the Simpsons and of the funniest hip hop songs