Friday, August 07, 2009

Madvillain - "All Caps"

Okay, so I just started this thing and I'm already cheating.

Madvillain was a project that combined one of rap's best producers (Madlib) and one if it's best MC's (MF Doom), and although this album came out in 2003 (not anywhere near my "golden age" promise), it could have come out in 1993, except that it would have been so ahead of it's time that no one would have even given it a chance.

Plus it's one of the coolest videos I've ever seen. I love the comic book concept.

So nasty that it's probably somewhat of a travesty
Having me daily tellin' the people
You can call me Your Majesty
Keep your battery charged
You know it won't stick, yo
And it's not his fault you kick slow
Should've let your trick-ho chick hold your sick glow
Plus nobody couldn't do nothin' once he let the brick go
And you know I know that's a bunch of snow
The beat is so butter
Peep the slow cutter
As he utters the calm flow
Don't talk about my moms, yo
Sometimes he rhyme quick, sometimes he rhyme slow
And vice versa
Whip up a slice of nice verse pie
Hit it on the first try
Villain: The Worst Guy

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Groovy Grover said...

That's a dope video. The Villain drops serious dope rhymes.