Sunday, August 02, 2009

K-Solo - "Fugitive"

I don't know whether or not K-Solo was really a fugitive in Suffolk County or not, but he paints a pretty vivid picture of why he's on the run from the cops. (Apparently hitting someone in the face with a brick will get you in trouble with the law. Pffffft!) He also does a lot of laughing in cops faces, which I know for a fact they do not care for.

If it is true, he's a lot better about it than I would be. I don't think the person who got the brick to the face died, because if he did, I think K-Solo would have gotten more than just 16 months.

I don't know what beef DMX always had with K-Solo, but he better watch it or he might get a brick to the face!

Two years went by, me running from the cops
My mom looked at my dad, my dad said "Son, this has gotta stop"
Dad gave me money, he said, "Son, this is for ya"
I went to Garden City to go get me a lawyer
I went to jail, Monday I was in jail through Friday
When you're black and you're in trouble man does your lawyer get paid
Then my moms told the judge "My son's a good child"
Then he laughed at my mother and said "Then take us to trial"
I told my mom and dad I felt within
If we took Suffolk County to court or trial, I know I wouldn't win
So without a doubt, like any black kid in Suffolk county
K-S-O-L-O had to cop out
To sixteen months in Riverhead
Instead of fighting and wilding, I wrote my records instead
Comisarry was ???, inmates owed me
CO's would beat me up on shakedowns, but now those suckers know me
And I laugh at those cops who arrest me for what I did
Cause I'm hooked and no longer am I a fugitive

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MJG196 said...

One of my all-tome favorite rappers, and THE most disappointing concert performance I ever witnessed.